Paid Social

Paid social media is more than emojis.

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Innovative targeting

A user’s social media habits are constantly in flux. This means that targeting them through the tried and true methods might not always be effective. We work to identify these changing behaviors and execute programs that efficiently increase engagement and improve conversions.

Relevant messaging

We create ads that not only entice the user to take action, but start a dialogue with the brand. Whether it be canvas ads, videos or lead forms we make sure that the messaging is relevant both to your brand and the user.

Transparency & accountability

With the ambiguity of paid social metrics, transparency and accountability are key. We utilize first party data sources to gain insights into walled garden platforms like Facebook, while also leveraging our in-house ad server to further validate results.

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Dynamic messaging

We can segment users based on pages viewed or content seen, then retarget customers with specific messaging. This allows us to deliver a lower cost per acquisition with a message that’s hyper relevant.

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Custom audience building

Our paid social team leverages customer insights and demographics from AdScience to build custom audiences for paid social campaigns. This approach allows us to effectively find new customers at scale.

What Our Customers Say

The Calise team immersed itself in our business…they were able to make smart, strategic recommendations that drove results because they knew the business so well. They are true partners.

Kim Hennig
FMR Chief Marketing Officer

Calise Partners has been an integral partner to Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning since 2004. During that time, they have consistently demonstrated excellent creative talent and digital expertise, all backed by insightful consumer analytics.

Dave Moody
Director of Marketing

There are a lot of companies that understand brand development. What makes Calise Partners stand out is their understanding of how to use advertising to truly generate leads and measurable results. They are continually innovating ways to improve results and solve issues.

David Hicks