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Paid search programs optimized toward conversions.

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Convert your most qualified prospects

We leverage first and second party data integrations to qualify the right audience. This ensures we are in front of the right prospect at the right time and the right place.

Maximize your presence when it matters

We maximize your presence with qualified audiences that we know are interested in your brand and have a higher likelihood to convert, eliminating any waste on searches that we know will not yield a conversion.

Convert efficiently

The union of technology, data, and experience ensures that we are talking to the right audience that is ready to convert. Ultimately this drives an efficient cost per conversion and measurably better results that you can see.

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Paid search conversions down to the keyword

AdScience® provides a level of transparency down to the keyword, giving you insight into exactly what keywords are converting and at what frequency. We are able to follow a keyword from conception of the initial search, all the way through to the purchase. This level of data allows us to focus your paid search budget on keywords that matter.

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The impact of traditional media on paid search

To believe that the customer journey begins and ends online is naive. The collection of data related to offline media activities influences our online buying strategies. Strategically aligning paid search campaigns with broadcast, direct mail, and out of home media schedules has yielded strong results. By taking a truly integrated approach, we’re able to fully leverage paid search to capitalize on the synergies at play between the different channels.

What Our Customers Say

The Calise team immersed itself in our business…they were able to make smart, strategic recommendations that drove results because they knew the business so well. They are true partners.

Kim Hennig
FMR Chief Marketing Officer

Calise Partners has been an integral partner to Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning since 2004. During that time, they have consistently demonstrated excellent creative talent and digital expertise, all backed by insightful consumer analytics.

Dave Moody
Director of Marketing

There are a lot of companies that understand brand development. What makes Calise Partners stand out is their understanding of how to use advertising to truly generate leads and measurable results. They are continually innovating ways to improve results and solve issues.

David Hicks

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