Results driven media

Me-04Innovative media strategies deliver results that matter.

Our clients appreciate the value of a lead. We the value the media that’s used to get that lead. When it comes to acquiring new customers, Calise Partners has innovative media strategies down to a science.

Our innovative media strategies come from the unparalleled experience of our media planning and buying experts and the powerful data analytics we produce with our AdScience® platform. Our expertise and our data come together to produce outstanding results for our clients.

With AdScience, we’ve taken the mystery out of advertising.

With the AdScience platform, we can measure the interrelationships of each media channel (both online and offline) and its overall impact on the cost per lead and conversion to a customer. Since we aggregate all spend information, we enable clients to visualize the results of every dollar spent for every campaign.

There’s real power in our media expertise.

That’s because we put the power of our media experience and our AdScience platform to work producing innovative ways to acquire new customers.

Our savvy media team is responsible for producing unique direct response programs that tie results directly into our CRM system, giving us a complete picture on a customer’s media consumption habits and other qualitative, actionable insights.

Every marketing situation is different. As a result, we put together innovative media planning and buying strategies that provide our clients cost-effective campaigns that fuel their new customer acquisition programs.

Our media experts put together a very unconventional buying strategy for a client that included buying remnant national and local cable inventory. This resulted in a big lift in reach while greatly lowering the cost per thousand.

Most importantly, our AdScience platform allows us to quantitatively measure the interrelationships between both online and offline media channels and their overall impact on cost per lead and conversion to a customer.


We have innovative media strategy down to a science.

Our scientific approach to media planning, media buying, media analytics and performance reporting delivers significantly better results and greater cost-efficiencies.

Strategic media planning

Strategic media planning

Our strategic media plan begins with an analysis of your marketing data combined with our own research of your brand, your competition, your customer and your industry. Based on these insights, our innovative media strategists arrive at a media plan that is uniquely suited to your marketing situation.

Strategic media buying

Strategic media buying

Every plan we develop comes with customized media buying guidelines tailored to suit the unique requirements of your business. These guidelines provide the architecture for flawless execution. And they outline the metrics for success used to track and evaluate the performance of the buy.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting

Every detail of your media buy is tracked by our AdScience platform. We monitor buys in real time to guarantee delivery of impressions. Once buys are finished, we conduct a post buy analysis that we use to optimize the campaign and inform the direction of new campaigns.

As innovative media experts, you can rely on our extensive multimedia experience.

Innovative media plans based on your unique objectives is just the beginning. We’re experienced negotiators that will maximize your media investment. We have extensive experience across all media.

  • Online advertising (PPC and display)
  • Content distribution and marketing
  • Out-of-home
  • Print
  • Email

  • Social media PPC advertising
  • Television, cable and satellite TV
  • Broadcast and satellite radio
  • Search engine marketing
  • Mobile

We utilize a full suite of research and analytics tools.

  • Nielsen TV Ratings
  • Nielsen Hispanic Ratings
  • Nielsen Black Ratings
  • Nielsen Monitor Plus
  • Nielsen Cable Ratings
  • Arbitron Radio Ratings
  • Radio Metro Market Guide
  • Scarborough
  • Media Professional

  • SRDS Full Service (All Media)
  • Mediamark Research, Inc.
  • Audit Bureau Of Circulations
  • Simmons Hispanic Research
  • Kantar Media Intelligence
  • Adweek Online Directories
  • Brand Week Directories
  • IMS (Interactive Market Systems)
  • Hoovers Online

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