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We’ve heard clients say of their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agencies, “PPC is like a vending machine with blacked out glass. You put money in the top and hope that a qualified lead will come out.” But the truth is, PPC advertising produces a lot of data. For a deeper understanding of PPC ad performance, you have to consider other factors such as the impact other media have on search behavior. Or the time of day or days of the week when PPC ad performance peaks and subsides.

Integrated marketing, in its purest form, is the coupling of various marketing channels together, leveraging the individual benefits of each one. And when combined together, those channels deliver a more profound impact than if used individually.

The 130-year-old Dallas Morning News recently announced a move to hire more digital journalists who are skilled at social marketing. One of the new hires’ primary tasks isn’t just getting the juicy scoop. It will be to build their online following, bringing new “readers” to the paper. The editor’s quote: “We’re all salespeople now.”
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