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New customer acquisition demands every marketer’s attention.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud recently revealed that customer acquisition is one of the top five most pressing business challenges of marketers.

When Korn Ferry recently asked CMOs, “What keeps you up at night,” 34% said, “creating sustainable and engaging customer relationships and improving the customer experience” as their number one concern.

CMO challenges
CMOs biggest concerns

Successful direct marketing programs have their foundation in customer acquisition.

 Knowing your customer is the key to successful direct marketing. The more you know about your best customers, the more success you experience.

At Calise Partners, we use our powerful AdScience® platform that aggregates structured and unstructured data into unified customer profiles. Then we use demographic, brand affinity and customer intent data to garner new insights into the customer base. This allows us to mine for new customers more effectively.

With AdScience, we make acquiring new customers a scientific certainty.

We have direct marketing down to a science.

 Our scientific approach to marketing applies to everything we do.  Direct marketing is no exception. Consider these scientifically driven accomplishments at Calise Partners.

Direct Marketing AdScience customer profiles

At Calise Partners, we have revolutionized the way companies profile their customers and generate leads with our AdScience platform.

Direct Marketing Email Delivery Systems

Few agencies can match the web:print capabilities we’ve assembled at Calise Partners– putting millions of prospective buyers at the fingertips of franchisees and branch offices throughout the U.S.

Direct Marketing Email Marketing

We’ve developed one of the most advanced email delivery systems on the planet, with the ability to append demographic information and market to specific customer segments based on purchase behavior.

Direct Marketing Social Media Marketing

We’ve pioneered the innovative field of social lead generation, moving beyond likes and impressions into advertising optimized on lead conversions.

We provide a comprehensive suite of direct marketing services and resources.

Each year, our initiatives directly touch millions and millions of prospective and existing customers, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for our clients. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering highly effective direct marketing solutions.

  • Direct mail & email
  • Database management
  • Social lead generation
  • Reporting and measurement
  • Dashboard apps and tools
  • List acquisition management

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