Data May Be Giving Marketers More Problems Than Solutions

Nothing is ever simple or easy these days. Like a double-edged sword, the new wealth of marketing data cuts both ways. On one side, there’s now more information than ever to validate the effectiveness of a marketer’s advertising. Or offer insights that will help optimize, modify, or even completely reverse the strategic approach. But on the other side, since that data is scattered across such a vast array of sources, it makes it difficult to generate an accurate view of the marketing situation.

IDG recently surveyed 300 marketers in the US to learn more about their data concerns. The top concern is the “difficulty in extracting insights,” while excessive data and the number of data sources were also cited as major concerns.

Utilizing all the data generated by a marketing campaign is a challenge.

Just consider the challenge involved with combining the data generated by a single campaign that would reach people through television, PPC ads, social media posts, and outdoor advertising. Pulling call center data, click-through data, social media sharing data and Internet traffic data together may seem like a no-brainer for those in the C-suite. But in practice it’s a huge challenge.

All that data is so important. So what’s the solution? A data management platform built just for marketers.

An effective marketing data management solution would make prospective customers so obvious, there’s no way to lose them in that data haystack. The solution would:

  • Collect and aggregate all structured and unstructured marketing response data
  • Collect and aggregate all customer data
  • Append all customer data with demographic, customer intent, and brand affinity data
  • Aggregate all spend data
  • Overlay the time-based data of communication delivery with consumer activity
  • Measure the interrelationships of each media channel

Here’s the good news. This data management platform isn’t just a theory. It exists today. It’s called AdScience®. Finally, marketers can know with scientific certainty who their customers are and what they will respond to. More importantly, with the AdScience platform, now marketers can use that information to identify and acquire all new customers that look just like their most valuable customers.

What is AdScience?

AdScience is Advertising Science™ in action. The AdScience platform is the powerful data management system that profiles current customer data to more profitably mine new customers for our clients.

With AdScience, we’ve taken the mystery out of advertising.

Learn how you can find more new customers by combining all your available marketing data sources. Check out our whitepaper, “Finding new customers in a data haystack”.

Learn more about the AdScience platform here.

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