Case Study

Stellar Optimization Saves Client $125K

- 25%

Cost Per PPC Conversion

+ 3.1%

Lead Converstions


Our client, which had been using paid search for years to drive leads, parted ways with its previous agency. It turned out, the previous agency owned ALL of their Google and Bing accounts, so we had no access to any Google Analytics for a historical perspective.

" The Calise team immersed itself in our business...they were able to make smart, strategic recommendations that drove results because they knew the business so well. They are true partners. "
Kim Hennig - FMR Chief Marketing Officer


Starting from scratch, we created new Google® AdWords™ and Bing Ad Center accounts, giving the client full ownership. Our paid search team utilized a buying strategy that protected branded keywords and tiered non-brand keywords by market, based on conversion data generated by our AdScience® Customer Data Platform (CDP).

We believed that with our AdScience® Customer Data Platform, our keyword bidding could be more focused on conversions than those made by the previous agency. We believed we could be more efficient and potentially reduce the cost, while delivering more conversions than previously achieved.

We optimized campaigns across dozens of markets, selecting relevant keywords customized for each individual market. Each of the 50 markets received their own plan and tiered keyword-bidding strategy. We made sure each market’s budget first went to protect branded keywords, then layered in non-branded categories relevant to the client, market, and market’s media mix.

Stellar Optimization Saves Client $125K


After just one month of campaign optimizations, we saw a 3.1% increase in lead conversions and a 25% decrease in cost per conversion, month over month. We cut our client a refund check for unspent media dollars, totaling $125,000.

+ 3.1% Lead Conversions
- 25% Cost Per Conversion (Month Over Month)
$ 125k Unspent Media Dollars