Case Study

Simplifying an Online Tool Drives Crazy Referral Rates

+ 6000



For HVAC companies, the most common and best way to create new business is by customer referral. We set out to find an efficient way to drive current customers to refer our client. We knew that the referral process had to be quick and easy to be effective.

" Calise Partners has been an integral partner to Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning since 2004. During that time, they have consistently demonstrated excellent creative talent and digital expertise, all backed by insightful consumer analytics. "
Dave Moody - Director of Marketing


With the goal of increasing referral volume and higher sales figures, we created an online customer satisfaction and social referral tool. The first step was to measure the satisfaction of the current customer. Upon learning that the customer was pleased with the services rendered, we would then encourage the customer to refer a friend or post a positive review on social media.

We rolled out the survey and referral push nationwide and encouraged franchisees to remind customers to participate.

Simplifying an Online Tool Drives Crazy Referral Rates


To date, the tool has generated over 6,000 referrals, which our client calculates has a potential revenue of over $5 million. It has also saved our client almost $800,000 in survey cost vs. phone interviews.

+ 6000 Referrals
$ 5M Added Revenue
- $800k Survey costs