Smart Phone App Case Study

Smart Phone App Case Study

A Picture is Worth…Hundreds of New Buyers



Our client, the nation’s largest house buying organization, looks to us to create and manage millions of direct mail pieces, with highly targeted criteria. Real Estate investors supplement these mailings with an important process called “Dig Leading” — finding target neighborhoods and mailing to houses in visual disrepair. We set out to find an easy way to consistently capture, quantify and mail to these houses.



We determined that in order to accomplish this, we would need the help of real estate investors to find these houses and notify us.



If real estate investors could easily track and document target houses they came across, we would be able to easily incorporate that house into our mailings.



We created a smartphone app that allows real estate investors to find a target house and simply take a picture. The app then collects and records geographic location, property owner name and mortgage amount. Once tagged, the owner of the targeted house would then receive a personalized letter from the investor offering to buy their home.



Acceptance of the smart phone app has been strong, with approximately 35% of the client’s franchise community as active users. The app manages a mailing schedule for over 65,000 properties and will deliver over 260,000 pieces of mail. It generates hundreds of additional buys each year. Right on target.

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