Customer Referral Case Study

Customer Referral

Frictionless Online Tool Drives Crazy Referral Rates



For HVAC companies, the most common and best way
to create new business is by referral. We set out to find an easy and effective way to generate those all-important recommendations.



It’s no secret that the best referrals come from satisfied customers, but we determined that the process of creating a referral had to be quick and easy in order to be effective.



If we were to create a frictionless way for customers to make referrals, we would be able to increase them, thus resulting in higher sales figures.



We created an online customer satisfaction and social referral tool which measures satisfaction and encourages those who are happy with their service to refer a friend or post a positive review.



The tool has generated over 6,000 referrals, resulting in a potential sales value of $3.6 million. It has also saved our client almost $800,000 in survey cost vs. phone interviews. Over 125,000 surveys have been completed, and the email prompting customers to write a review has an incredible 34% response rate. Satisfied customers make it easy. We just made it a little easier.

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