Calise Partners’ Preparation for the 2016 Dallas ADDYs Told in GIFS

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Calise Partners’ Preparation for the 2016 Dallas ADDYs Told in GIFS

The Dallas ADDYs, presented by the American Advertising Federation, are on February 18. Calise Partners’ contest entries have made the final cut, which means we’re still in the running to win more Dallas ADDYs.

Our team has been arduously preparing for the big event with the hopes we’ll be properly recognized for our latest achievements.



We’ve submitted some of our best work and are ready to show the other advertising companies what we’re made of.



And we want everyone to know that when we win, we’re not ones to shy away from a celebratory dance.



Or have philosophical thoughts about what winning could mean for our ad agency.



But, hey, we realize winning isn’t everything. And if we don’t win, we’ll take everything we learned from competing in the Dallas ADDYs and add that to our Advertising Science™ approach to constantly improve the content we create for our clients.



And we’ll try to be a good sport about the whole situation.



Most importantly, at Calise Partners, we’re a family filled with advertising experts, public relations pros and creative geniuses. At the end of the day if we don’t bring home the top honors, it’s not a problem because we always gain strength from our challenges.

Cheers to that!




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