The brand strategy workshop


The perfect formula for your brand.

We’ve taken a scientific approach to brand strategy. We evaluate the history, the psychology, the economics and the interrelationships between your brand and the people that interact with it. The Brand Lab is where we work with all of the brand’s stakeholders to discover the perfect formula for your brand.

The fun, interactive and collaborative laboratory gives you the chance to carefully examine your brand — what makes it tick, how it connects with customers, why it works (or doesn’t). Together, we’ll be able to focus on strategic goals and develop an insightful brand strategy that will become the foundation of your company’s marketing efforts.


The brand’s essential elements.

What makes up a brand?  Our brand building laboratory breaks down the brand into its essential elements and explores each one in detail, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for discovering the brand’s true essence.

If you were a historian, what would you write about the brand and its roots?

What about your product/service is exemplified by your brand name, icon or universally accepted attribute?

Point of difference
What can you do that your competition can’t?  What have you created, invented or perfected?

Describe the perfect customer.  Are they divided into segments?  What makes them valuable?  What do they value?

Brand persona
Who is your brand like as a person?  How does it behave?  Does it need to change going forward and if so, who will it be like and how will it behave?

Value proposition
What does the brand stand for?  What is its commitment to the market?

What is at the very core that drives the brand’s mission?  What is its reason for being?  What is the purpose of the brand?

The brand formula
How can you summarize the brand essence in the most succinct terms?

What you can expect to get from the Brand Lab.

  • Interactive, in-person laboratory session
  • Involves the primary brand stakeholders
  • Worksheet distributed (pre-lab) solicits input from broader internal audience
  • Agency conducts secondary research (pre-lab)
  • 1/2-Day to Full Day Laboratory, typically 3 – 5+ hours
  • Comprehensive investigation of the Brand’s Essential Elements
  • Follow-up interviews with customers (optional)
  • Brand Formula developed (post-lab)
  • Other post-laboratory deliverables include:
    • Positioning
    • Marketing plan impact
    • Campaign directions

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